Thursday, 6 January 2011

Annotations of newspaper

This is the annotations of the Metro newspaper, I done these annotations so that I could gain some knowledge on what conventions are used in the paper, and which ones I wished to still follow.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Demographic Profile for newspaper

The name of my newspaper is "Bromley Now", which I hope will communicate the idea that the paper is for a younger target audience then the traditional local paper would target. The actual age I am targeting is 18 - 34 years, it is targeting both genders so that the paper is shown not to be favoring a particular sex, so can gain readership from both genders. The social/economic background of my readers will be C1 - E and therefore their parents are likely to be educated to GCSE and A level, but they themselves are likely to be seeking university places or are starting out in their professional career. The educational background will be students and the working class, for the stories used in this will be sports such as football etc, these are traditional working class sports and will appeal to the audience mentioned.
The economic status of my readers will be C1 - E this is shown to be working class, and some professionals, this may indicate that the income of these readers will range from a high income to a low, the cost of the paper it will be a free paper, it will be funded by advertisers.

The target audience of newspaper is 18 - 34 this indicates a younger type of person is going to be targeted, I will categorize my readers into Psychographic categories. This is a way of looking at young peoples values, attitudes and lifestyle, (VALS). For young people there are a number of categories to choose from, the category I will list my newspaper readers under is Traditionalists, the paper will have major advertising in it with traditional stores such as JJB and urban outfitters being used within paper, the readers will be familiar with these brands and will be interested in the advertising used.
To compare this to other categories the younger audience can be linked with the categories such as Trendies, rebels, but my audience targeted do not want to make major change or stand out, they wish to remain the same and stay traditional.

Bromley Times - Ideas for brief

This is the first task that has been put forward to us and it is to produce a 2 page newspaper, this includes front cover and second page inside. The newspaper that I produce will include my own photos and stories that I have taken or found. Yesterday I had a look at a local newspaper The Bromley Times, we looked at this newspaper for use of conventions used and layout.

The front page of this newspaper was a conventional layout with the logo and title placed top left of the page. It had a conventional 5 column structure which means that it follows trends. There was many advertising slots placed on the page to utilize no blank spaces and also for the newspaper to gain extra funds for allowing companies to place advertisements, there was a lead story placed in the center of the page with the title just above it, this would have been a real life story and is on the front page for it is seen to be the leading story.
As well from that main article their was a side story with a eye grabbing photo placed near the center with some text place on the side of it. The audience I believe this newspaper would want to target is the people living in the area of Bromley, for the stories related are about that area and the people who live in or close to it. From my research the second page had a continuation of the side story from the front page, a contact the newspaper column, it followed the convention of a 5 column structure, and contain half a page of advertisement.

Bromley Times Sketches
Below I have sketches of the Bromley times paper, we produced these sketches because it would give us an idea of how the paper is structured and what conventions are followed and challenged in the paper, and if we wished to follow these also or challenge the forms. From doing these sketches I learnt that the Bromley times follows most current conventions, because 5 column layout, masthead top left, plug top left, are all current conventions and I did not know this before today and this benefited me, for it gave me a better idea of how to structure my paper.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Newspaper Brief

The newspaper I wish to produce will have a target audience of 18 -34 this shows that it is going to acknowledge the younger part of society with some youthful stories and lifestyle of the youth age today, but also having stories that will also affect them on a serious side such as health, schooling, sport, etc. The layout will be very conventional and will have a 5 column structure with the title and logo placed top left of the page, it will include advertising of companies in that local area which will appeal to my target audience. The photos used in the paper will be youthful and will be attractive to eye so that it attacts that youthful side of society and does not appear boring. The reasons for me choosing this type of layout is for it is easy to navigate and read through, and because my audience is of the younger range they will want it to be easier to read and not have to think too much about how to read it. This should benefit the paper for it will be seen as very resourceful for information and have little confusion in how to read it. The provisional name i wish to give my newspaper is the "Bromley news shopper".