Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation Podcast

Liam Line Evaluation Podcast by liamline

This evaluation includes a in-depth analysis of the planning, research, development and production of all products I have produced. The answers I have gave for each particular question asked is detailed and is all relevant to each stage of the project.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Facebook feedback for Newspaper

This is the some feedback that I gained from a social networking site, this allowed me to broaden my feedback and gain more opinions on the paper itself. The comments made were positive and gave me some ideas on what needs to be improved and from this I can work from this and produce a better quality product suitable for my audience.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Newspaper audience feedback

The comments were varied, the orange paper-stick notes were the negatives of the paper, and the green were the positives of it, so looking at it first time there are more negatives then positives, but when reading the comments the negatives were easily repairable.
One negative about the masthead, said that the NOW! part needs to be more exciting, this means that I will have to edit the masthead on photoshop and make it more suitable to what they have told me.
Another negative, is that the weather section that I had produced on the paper did not appear professional enough, this a big issue to deal with for my paper is appealing to traditional people and their main attraction to the paper is the professionalism, by not having this my audience will not purchase the paper, so I will edit this section on photoshop and produce a better version to appeal to my audience.
Another negative is that the photography had not enough effort put into it, this is not a good comment for the photography is one of the main aspects of newspaper and for most local ones, without good photography the audience will become bored and will not enjoy just reading text because the photos are of poor quality. So I will try and take more creative and clear photos so that it will link to the article more clearly and appeal to my audience more.
The final negative is that the "blackberry symbol", it is said to be "to big" and this is a issue for it does not appear professional from this, I am going have to reduce the size, or include a better photo to link to the article.

The positives of the paper, The two positives given to my paper were of two adverts I produced, one of the JJB advert, and one of the My-time pavilion, they are detailed and professional so this is why they were given positive comment, and they do not need any further changing unless I feel they require more changing to benefit the paper.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Bromley Now Radio Advert

Bromley now advert by liamline

This was produced on garageband, the program was reasonably simple to use and allowed me to use a number of special effects in the sound to enhance it to a standard needed to attract my audience to the paper. This was scripted by myself and all editing was done by me also, so it gives the reader the chance to have a feeling of how I wish to represent my newspaper to them.

The advert which I have created will appeal to my target audience for it is clear and contains all relevant information which the paper needs to put across to them (contact information, name of paper, area it is based in), it contains a clear and mature voice this connates the type of audience I will be targeting, they may be young but they are young and mature. The advert also contains the slogan that was mentioned on the previous poster, this will link all 3 media products that have been already produced, and will intise the audience more to purchase the paper for it shows that all 3 are related clearly. Also has background sporting noises so that it gave the reader of a sporting paper and this may interest the reader that bit more, for they are relevant sounds to use.

The parts for improvement would be that I could of tried a number of different slogans to use just to have variation, I could of changed the voice to a more youthful and sporty voice type for the paper is more sport orientated and this may relate better to the audience. I also could of tried a number of different background noises instead of just 2 types, may come across as limited.

Developing stages for Radio advert

This is the progression progress to the production of my newspaper radio advert, as you can see their were a number of different sounds used in the collaboration of my radio advert.

The advert had to include the correct conventions that would appeal to my target audience, for instance a youthful voice, and sports sounds in the background to keep the familiarity of sports games in the paper.

I researched into many background noises that can be used in my advert, I firstly decided on including a tennis game and crowd noise, this provided the audience the feeling of being in the stadium at the time, this is more appealing to my audience type.

I then researched another sports game sound and that was a late football goal crowd celebration, this was used for the same purpose and provided the audience with the same feeling, this is a benefit for the newspaper and makes it appear more attractive to the sports orientated individuals.

I then produced a script of quotes, slogans that I wished to be mentioned in the advert, this was easy to produce and when produced I decided to use a young individual that had young voice, sounded traditional and would appeal to my target audience. I then blended the voice over the crowd sounds and this made for a very clear and informative advert, for the Bromley Now.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Ancillary Task 2 - Radio Advert Script

Radio Advert Script

Introduction Music
Music Runs

- Do you want the most up to date news for your local area?
- Do you want to hear of local sporting achievements?

- Then check out Bromley Now Newspaper
- Provides information on all aspects of the local area at present.
- You can pick up a copy from your local newsagents, or subscribe to free delivery to your home.
- See for more information on

Music fades out.

Ancillary Task 2 - Radio Advert research

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Newspaper poster

This is a design of what my newspaper poster is going to appear like, this design will require some improvements after being viewed by different set of individuals. If this design is improved and put to a high enough standard it will improve the chances of my audience purchasing the paper.

Developing stages of poster

These stages shown provide the audience with how my advertising poster was initial designed, as shown I decided to follow the conventions of using the image of the paper itself this allowed the poster to stay relevant to the paper and make the audience know that it is in relation to the Bromley Now, also to follow current conventions I included contact information for the paper including where to get the paper (Stations, Gyms) this gives the audience more reason to trust the paper, and where to contact if they wish to subscribe to the paper, including this makes it more likely for your target audience to purchase the paper, for the relevant information has been included.
A slogan was produced for the paper, so that the audience could easily differentiate the paper to others, this is a big benefit for it will appear more unique to my target audience, also it is a very conventional feature to include and appeals to my traditional audience, with the NOW part made very eye catching so that it makes the audience aware that it is recent up to date news.
I chose to change the poster all together, for from feedback given I was told to make it more landscape so that it appeared larger and more eye catching, the color background varied I first thought to use a turquoise colour but then decided to choose a more sporty colour that resembles a athletics track, this will appear more familiar to the more sporty readers of the paper.

Ancillary task - Poster Research

Ancillary task - Poster Sketch

This is a rough sketch to what my advertising poster will appear to look like, it is done rough and brief so that their is room for improvement. The poster as you can see is going to be easy and clear to read for the audience I am aiming at will prefer this type of reading as they are more sports orientated, the poster itself after being brushed up will come across to the reader as attractive to view.

This poster is using a Sans Seriff font, which is a very conventional font to use for a newspaper poster and this will make the poster that bit more professional if it contains the correct font, contact information is place top right of the page this is commonly used by other papers also, also the colour scheme that was used for my newspaper will be used in the poster so that it keeps the same look as the paper and is kept well linked to it, this is another big convention that is followed aswell.

By following these current conventions it will benefit my paper, for the audience being targeted may be young, but are traditional and like things to remain as they are, they are not big fans of change and challenging conventions, so by following the conventions it is benefited both the poster and the newspaper more postively.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Final Newspaper Design

This is the final draft of my newly produced local paper "Bromley Now", the final draft has been developed from the first draft sketch and design, because with time and whilst trying different potential ideas, I felt it was appropriate to change the layout of the paper slightly and place text and adverts in different areas to accomodate the readers viewing.
The conventional 5 column layout was still followed for I felt it was appropriate for my readers at the time and still is.
The adverts of the paper were mostly my own taken photos and developed on photoshop so that they appeared professional and realistic, I resize most images so that they looked right for the paper and fitted well with text.
I added a better gradient to the plug in the paper, so that it appeared clearer and easier to read for the audience.
Also the blackberry advert in relation to the last article was resized so that it worked better fro text and did not appear to be over stretched.
The photos used for main article and side article were my own taken photos, this is a positive for it relates to the reader alot more and gives them a feeling of being apart of the article.
Colour of font I changed to mostly black, for some text was red I then changed it to black for it appeared better, I also boxed adverts for further pages so that they appeared more clearer and easier to view.
Finally all articles used in the paper were research to the fullest and written in my own words and to the best of my knowledge and grammar was checked also so that it did not contain any mistakes, so this will provide the reader with the best insight possible.

Newspaper developing stages

Newspaper developing stages

Adverts produced for newspaper

These are a number of adverts used in my paper, they were all research and designed myself on photoshop, so that they can relate to the local reader and have more of a interest in the adverts made. They are mostly sport orientated adverts because the reader is likely to be of a sporty type, and this will keep them interested. The plug for the paper, has a image of a women playing football this is used in the paper to make the audience aware that the paper is not favoring one particular sex, this makes the paper more attractive to buy for the audience for both genders are appealed to.

Developing stages for Newspaper plug

These are the main developing stages of the sports plug featured on the front page, this plug was chosen to represent women's football, so that it appeared to not just favor mens sports, this as a result will mean that women will be more interested in buying the paper and this means more consumers.
The developing stages shows that I started with a image from google of a professional women's footballer, I then developed and tried my own background of a plain white but after feedback I was advised to use a darker colour and after many views of it I was told to keep with it.
I then added text to go with the plug, this is conventional to have it just clearly stated which page the article will be on and what the article is about, this is a good move for the audience will know what the article is potentially going to be about, and will be more interested to read on.

Developing stages of newspaper

Developing stages of Weather Section

This is a very conventional section to include on a local newspaper, looking at various other weather sections from other newspapers, they all focused on the main local area, I chose to follow this and just focus on the area of Bromley's weather so that it stayed relevant to my audience.
As shown in the development I began with a correctly measured box and placed text in it stated what it was, I then added a weather picture produced by myself, then next stage producing a degrees sign stated what the weather was like at the time, this showed it to be up to date and specific. The final change made was the background colour this was a area of concern for white came across as too plain, so I tried a number of different colours and chose a blue background, this contrasted well with the other parts of information, and stood out to the audience when on the page.

Developing stages of newspaper

Developing stages of Pavilion Advert

This is the developing stages of my pavilion advert of the leisure centre located in Bromley, this makes it relevant to my audience because it is based in the area of Bromley, and it is primarily orientated around sport and this will more then likely attract my type of audience.
As you can see I based my advert on what the bromley pavilion was already offering, but I chose to develop on this and I developed my own background. I then placed my own font and wrote about the mytime and this is very relevant for most sportsmen in the area of Bromley are members of the the local pavilion. I then added a deal that will interest the readers of a free voucher being included in the paper, this will make the paper that bit more attractive to purchase and the likelyhood of them reading the paper is increased also.

Developing Stages for JJB advert

This is a advert that was produced for my front page of newspaper, this shows that I began with a already made JJB advert, I then took the conventions used from this and put it into my own. I used the same background for these are the conventional colours used for JJB, I then began using my own deals and offers for the local bromley store, this made it relevant to my audience.
As shown I used a white font on its own to start, but after feedback given I took the advice and place a darker background this benefited it and made it more clear to the audience to read. The font used was a unconventional font, it was the Dafont downloaded one of Beer, this font is clear and looks professional to the audience and appeals to the traditional audience of C1 -E.

Draft Side articles for newspaper

Ravenswood Rugby National Vase Lead Up

Ravens Wood School's Rugby Academy are one game from Twickenham after beating Lord William School 24 -13 in the quarter final of the Daily Mail National Vase at Bromley Rugby Club on Wednesday 16th February.

Ravens Wood set out a vision to become one of the best rugby schools in England 5 years ago and the plan is now coming to fruition. The Rugby Academy has been running at the school for 3 years now and sees players receiving high quality professional coaching 5 times a week.

The team itself has played a number of matches from the beginning of the competition, they have included very respectable victories against Eltham College, Langley Park School, Norwich School, Wallingham Grammar School to name a few, and hopefully St Georges College of Coventry can be added to that list in the semifinal encounter.

Realistically for most of the Ravenswood players this is going to be the biggest games of their rugby playing career and seeing as most of the team are in their last year of sixth form this is most definitely going to be there last chance of winning a trophy with the school, as shown in the main front cover image I managed to gain some time with one of the key players of the team Dominic Grover (Winger), and gain some idea of how the team and himself are feeling before the game.

The winger said that -
“This upcoming semifinal encounter is the biggest game of rugby I would have played my whole life, don’t get me wrong I am nervous, but I feel that if we play to our potential as team, we should be in twickenham to contest the final of the national vase!”

The semifinal will be eagerly anticipated by both the school and the local area, for it has become very well known of the team’s success in the competition so far.
Date - Sunday 6th March 2011
Venue - Broadstreet RFC, the Ivor Preece Field, Rugby Road, Binley Woods, Coventry. CV3 2AY
Kickoff - 13.00 versus St George's College, Weybridge

Wished all the luck to the team and hopefully, next article we write about the team it is the news of them contesting the final in Twickenham.

Lewisham youths to be warned via Blackberry of police stop and search operations

Youths in Lewisham will be alerted by Blackberry if police are planning a stop and search operation in the borough - a first for the capital.
Supporters of the scheme say it will cut down on the amount of weapons carried in the area but the father of one murdered teenager warns it could do criminals’ work for them.
Under the scheme, launched by the community police consultative group’s stop and search team, youngsters can sign up for alerts through their Blackberry phones.
It will tell them when meetings of the group are taking place, and allow feedback on operations in the borough.
They will also be told when section 60 is used in an area - the order allowing stop and search operations to take place - and advised of their rights.

Vice chairmen of the group and propose idea Councillor Brooks said:
“We want to advise those youths before they get stopped so there isn’t a confrontation.
“It will also deter them coming into the borough with knives.”
Cllr Brooks said a number of people had signed up so far by entering the pin number 23A9141F.
And he said youngsters were assured that their contact details would not be passed on to the police.
This is a bold move made by the police for it may cause more controversy then good, but we will have to give it time and see whether the idea has a postive effect in the community.

Draft for Main Article

Mark Goldberg has officially quit as the manager of Bromley FC after continued accusations of internal conflict within the team.

The accusations that had been made were that team selection and transfer decisions were being made above the manager’s head, and this caused the manager to have major issues with how the club was being run.

News broke out that Goldberg had resigned on Friday January 21 2011; this did not come, as a huge shock to a lot of Bromley supporters for the allegations had been ongoing for a number of weeks.

One of the main reasons for the departure of Goldberg, was after a 7-0 drumming delivered by Weston Supermere fc, this could be said to of been the final straw to a very chaotic couple of months for both the manager and club internally, and Goldberg came to the conclusion that it was time for him to resign as manager of the club, and allow another person to try stabilize the club internally within the team and at boardroom level.

Goldberg during the saga of allegations of internal conflict, told a respected transfer target that “Bromley FC was not a good place to be right now”, and inevitably the player thought against joining the club, from this quote by Goldberg this just strengthen the allegations of internal conflict within club.

Goldberg also said before the Christmas period that “He hoped that the ongoing conflicts would have been resolved in the Christmas campaign, but position has become untenable”.

Goldberg's brother-in-law, Jerry Dolke, had become chairman of non-league Bromley and during the 2005/2006 season the pair announced the controversial decision that Goldberg would replace the highly successful and highly popular George Wakeling and his management team, who had led to the Premier Division of the Isthmian League , and then secured survival by a long distance.

Goldberg left Bromley during the 2007-08 season, to be succeeded by Simon Osborn, but returned to the club at the end of the season, and now back to the present has left the club for a second time.

The club was placed Mid – table, at a respectable 12th position so the teams position league wise is not at a major concern. The main issue to both the media and the supporters is clearly the running of the club.

Planning for writing up main article

This is a plan for the main "Write Up" of the main article, this was produced for it will assist me in stages in how to construct my article, for it will give my article a good flow and will appear well structured, for it has a Beginning, Middle and a Ending, this plan will assist the article and appear more professional.

Possible Photos for newspaper articles

These are photos taken by myself in my local area, for I had researched in the local area for criminal activity to write a article about, and it appeared that a murder had taken place not far from where I live, I then took it upon myself to take some photos the house where the crime took place, for I believed this would benefit the realism of my story and could relate to the public more. I then took the photos away and then began to considered weather the story itself is right for my paper and the audience I am targeting, after careful thought I decided to drop the story and seek another one, for I believed that the story did not fit the paper, and by me being the gatekeeper of the newspaper I chose to gain a better story that would relate to my chosen audience.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Developing stages of newspaper

Slideshow for photos used in newspaper

This is a slideshow of the photos in which I have taken to go with my article about the schools Rugby cup run, all these photos have been taken by myself and this provides the reader with better quality photos and more of a insight into the article, for the photos come from first hand photography, only a selected few will be used in the paper for not all photos meet the quality needed to best represent the story.
This is represented in a slideshow for it is clear to the audience and can be viewed as many times as possible, rather then just looking at them in a row which may come across as boring.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Story Selection

I have researched into 10 different potential stories that could be used in my newspaper, I have analysed the stories to see the suitability of them in the newspaper and how they would appeal to the intended audience I have chosen for the newspaper.

The "Softer article", I am going to write up and produce an article about my schools up and coming Rugby Vase Cup game, they have been recently very successful in the cup, and this will be easier to gain quotes and photos for.

The "Hard article" is "Goldberg walks over Bromley’s ‘ongoing conflict".
This is of the amid accusations of in-fighting within the club, this will appeal to the reader for it is sport orientated to begin with, but the story also offers that added spice as training ground and pre match fights have been said to of occured. This is going to appeal to the younger reader for it is about there local team but it indicates that their is more that meets the eye with this story and this will get the younger reader wanting to read the next article to have a update on the current team situation.
I will be able to also gain some photos aswell, for it is local and easy to access within the area, this will assist me in making the article look professional and detailed.

Another story I have chosen to be in my newspaper is "Lewisham texts local youths of stop and searches"
This is about the local youths of that area being notified via Blackberry that their will be routine stop and searches to avoid potential crimes within the area. This story will appeal to my audience for younger readers may well go through this area regarly and may want to know information on what this stop and search entails and if it effects them.
This may well also interest the younger readers to wanting to know why this is occuring?, and they may well feel in Favour for this article or Against it, for the younger readers are always interested in the way they are represented in the real world at present.

Researching potential stories

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Research on local newspapers

This is research into other local newspapers and this enabled me to see how the newspapers are distributed, how they are owned, what the owners are like, and how they represented in the other areas of the country.

Metro London
• Launched - 16th March 1999
• Owner of paper – Daily Mail and General Trust, owning other newspapers such as metros, for Metro (Brighton), Metro (Cardiff, Swansea & Newport), Metro (East Midlands) , Metro (Liverpool), Metro (North East), Metro (North West), Metro (Scotland), Metro (West Country), Metro (West Midlands), Metro (Yorkshire), and including many other newspapers across the regions locally.
• Product type – Bulk Distribution, meaning they distributed in large amounts instead of smaller.
• Total distribution figure for newspaper - 762,541
• Registered under the ABC website since 1999.

The Bromley Times
• Owned by Archant Ltd • Joined ABC in 1986, but is no longer register under ABC now.
• Sector based in Kent.
• Former names - Bromley & District Express and Orpington & Chislehurst Express (Archant Ltd), Bromley & Orpington Leader (Archant Ltd)
• Distribution figures - 29,631 Total Average Net Circulation / Distribution per Issue.
• Product type is Regional Publication.
• Including the suburbs of Orpington, Chislehurst, Biggin Hill and Beckenham.
• It’s published by Kentish Times Newspapers, a branch of Archant London
• Editors of paper are based in Sidcup.

Bromley News shopper
• Owned by Newquest Media Group
• Editor Andrew Parkes
• Sector based in is Kent
• Former names - Bromley News Shopper Series (News Shopper Ltd)
• Product type is Regional publications.
• First Joined ABC in 1986
• Distribution Figures - 73,770 Total Average Net Circulation / Distribution Per Issue
• Still registered under ABC.

I have learned that the local newspaper industry is quite a well established part of society and contains many different types of papers to choose from, as shown from the few local ones selected above, it shows us that they are producing a large amount of papers to distribute, and that they have many different versions of the paper in different areas of the country, which will enhance the reputation of that paper, but this is mostly down to who infact owns that newspaper. This type of information is relevant to me, for it gives me an idea of what type of audience to focus on, location to be based in, distribution figures and techniques, etc. The paper that may be willing to publish my paper is mostly likely to be "The Bromley Times", for I am targeting the same local area it is, the paper itself is very conventional and is alike to mine for I chose to follow most conventions also. The only slight difference is the age range of target audience and that my paper "Bromley Now" is more a sport orientated paper.

Developing stages of newspaper