Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ancillary task - Poster Sketch

This is a rough sketch to what my advertising poster will appear to look like, it is done rough and brief so that their is room for improvement. The poster as you can see is going to be easy and clear to read for the audience I am aiming at will prefer this type of reading as they are more sports orientated, the poster itself after being brushed up will come across to the reader as attractive to view.

This poster is using a Sans Seriff font, which is a very conventional font to use for a newspaper poster and this will make the poster that bit more professional if it contains the correct font, contact information is place top right of the page this is commonly used by other papers also, also the colour scheme that was used for my newspaper will be used in the poster so that it keeps the same look as the paper and is kept well linked to it, this is another big convention that is followed aswell.

By following these current conventions it will benefit my paper, for the audience being targeted may be young, but are traditional and like things to remain as they are, they are not big fans of change and challenging conventions, so by following the conventions it is benefited both the poster and the newspaper more postively.

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  1. Explain how this poster is designed using conventions (or not). How will it be effective in targeting your audience?