Tuesday, 1 March 2011

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Mark Goldberg has officially quit as the manager of Bromley FC after continued accusations of internal conflict within the team.

The accusations that had been made were that team selection and transfer decisions were being made above the manager’s head, and this caused the manager to have major issues with how the club was being run.

News broke out that Goldberg had resigned on Friday January 21 2011; this did not come, as a huge shock to a lot of Bromley supporters for the allegations had been ongoing for a number of weeks.

One of the main reasons for the departure of Goldberg, was after a 7-0 drumming delivered by Weston Supermere fc, this could be said to of been the final straw to a very chaotic couple of months for both the manager and club internally, and Goldberg came to the conclusion that it was time for him to resign as manager of the club, and allow another person to try stabilize the club internally within the team and at boardroom level.

Goldberg during the saga of allegations of internal conflict, told a respected transfer target that “Bromley FC was not a good place to be right now”, and inevitably the player thought against joining the club, from this quote by Goldberg this just strengthen the allegations of internal conflict within club.

Goldberg also said before the Christmas period that “He hoped that the ongoing conflicts would have been resolved in the Christmas campaign, but position has become untenable”.

Goldberg's brother-in-law, Jerry Dolke, had become chairman of non-league Bromley and during the 2005/2006 season the pair announced the controversial decision that Goldberg would replace the highly successful and highly popular George Wakeling and his management team, who had led to the Premier Division of the Isthmian League , and then secured survival by a long distance.

Goldberg left Bromley during the 2007-08 season, to be succeeded by Simon Osborn, but returned to the club at the end of the season, and now back to the present has left the club for a second time.

The club was placed Mid – table, at a respectable 12th position so the teams position league wise is not at a major concern. The main issue to both the media and the supporters is clearly the running of the club.

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