Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Final Newspaper Design

This is the final draft of my newly produced local paper "Bromley Now", the final draft has been developed from the first draft sketch and design, because with time and whilst trying different potential ideas, I felt it was appropriate to change the layout of the paper slightly and place text and adverts in different areas to accomodate the readers viewing.
The conventional 5 column layout was still followed for I felt it was appropriate for my readers at the time and still is.
The adverts of the paper were mostly my own taken photos and developed on photoshop so that they appeared professional and realistic, I resize most images so that they looked right for the paper and fitted well with text.
I added a better gradient to the plug in the paper, so that it appeared clearer and easier to read for the audience.
Also the blackberry advert in relation to the last article was resized so that it worked better fro text and did not appear to be over stretched.
The photos used for main article and side article were my own taken photos, this is a positive for it relates to the reader alot more and gives them a feeling of being apart of the article.
Colour of font I changed to mostly black, for some text was red I then changed it to black for it appeared better, I also boxed adverts for further pages so that they appeared more clearer and easier to view.
Finally all articles used in the paper were research to the fullest and written in my own words and to the best of my knowledge and grammar was checked also so that it did not contain any mistakes, so this will provide the reader with the best insight possible.

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  1. would like to see work on advertising before seeing the final paper. Each advert should have it's own post with original images, work in progress and final product (with analysis)