Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Draft Side articles for newspaper

Ravenswood Rugby National Vase Lead Up

Ravens Wood School's Rugby Academy are one game from Twickenham after beating Lord William School 24 -13 in the quarter final of the Daily Mail National Vase at Bromley Rugby Club on Wednesday 16th February.

Ravens Wood set out a vision to become one of the best rugby schools in England 5 years ago and the plan is now coming to fruition. The Rugby Academy has been running at the school for 3 years now and sees players receiving high quality professional coaching 5 times a week.

The team itself has played a number of matches from the beginning of the competition, they have included very respectable victories against Eltham College, Langley Park School, Norwich School, Wallingham Grammar School to name a few, and hopefully St Georges College of Coventry can be added to that list in the semifinal encounter.

Realistically for most of the Ravenswood players this is going to be the biggest games of their rugby playing career and seeing as most of the team are in their last year of sixth form this is most definitely going to be there last chance of winning a trophy with the school, as shown in the main front cover image I managed to gain some time with one of the key players of the team Dominic Grover (Winger), and gain some idea of how the team and himself are feeling before the game.

The winger said that -
“This upcoming semifinal encounter is the biggest game of rugby I would have played my whole life, don’t get me wrong I am nervous, but I feel that if we play to our potential as team, we should be in twickenham to contest the final of the national vase!”

The semifinal will be eagerly anticipated by both the school and the local area, for it has become very well known of the team’s success in the competition so far.
Date - Sunday 6th March 2011
Venue - Broadstreet RFC, the Ivor Preece Field, Rugby Road, Binley Woods, Coventry. CV3 2AY
Kickoff - 13.00 versus St George's College, Weybridge

Wished all the luck to the team and hopefully, next article we write about the team it is the news of them contesting the final in Twickenham.

Lewisham youths to be warned via Blackberry of police stop and search operations

Youths in Lewisham will be alerted by Blackberry if police are planning a stop and search operation in the borough - a first for the capital.
Supporters of the scheme say it will cut down on the amount of weapons carried in the area but the father of one murdered teenager warns it could do criminals’ work for them.
Under the scheme, launched by the community police consultative group’s stop and search team, youngsters can sign up for alerts through their Blackberry phones.
It will tell them when meetings of the group are taking place, and allow feedback on operations in the borough.
They will also be told when section 60 is used in an area - the order allowing stop and search operations to take place - and advised of their rights.

Vice chairmen of the group and propose idea Councillor Brooks said:
“We want to advise those youths before they get stopped so there isn’t a confrontation.
“It will also deter them coming into the borough with knives.”
Cllr Brooks said a number of people had signed up so far by entering the pin number 23A9141F.
And he said youngsters were assured that their contact details would not be passed on to the police.
This is a bold move made by the police for it may cause more controversy then good, but we will have to give it time and see whether the idea has a postive effect in the community.

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