Friday, 25 March 2011

Developing stages for Radio advert

This is the progression progress to the production of my newspaper radio advert, as you can see their were a number of different sounds used in the collaboration of my radio advert.

The advert had to include the correct conventions that would appeal to my target audience, for instance a youthful voice, and sports sounds in the background to keep the familiarity of sports games in the paper.

I researched into many background noises that can be used in my advert, I firstly decided on including a tennis game and crowd noise, this provided the audience the feeling of being in the stadium at the time, this is more appealing to my audience type.

I then researched another sports game sound and that was a late football goal crowd celebration, this was used for the same purpose and provided the audience with the same feeling, this is a benefit for the newspaper and makes it appear more attractive to the sports orientated individuals.

I then produced a script of quotes, slogans that I wished to be mentioned in the advert, this was easy to produce and when produced I decided to use a young individual that had young voice, sounded traditional and would appeal to my target audience. I then blended the voice over the crowd sounds and this made for a very clear and informative advert, for the Bromley Now.

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