Thursday, 31 March 2011

Newspaper audience feedback

The comments were varied, the orange paper-stick notes were the negatives of the paper, and the green were the positives of it, so looking at it first time there are more negatives then positives, but when reading the comments the negatives were easily repairable.
One negative about the masthead, said that the NOW! part needs to be more exciting, this means that I will have to edit the masthead on photoshop and make it more suitable to what they have told me.
Another negative, is that the weather section that I had produced on the paper did not appear professional enough, this a big issue to deal with for my paper is appealing to traditional people and their main attraction to the paper is the professionalism, by not having this my audience will not purchase the paper, so I will edit this section on photoshop and produce a better version to appeal to my audience.
Another negative is that the photography had not enough effort put into it, this is not a good comment for the photography is one of the main aspects of newspaper and for most local ones, without good photography the audience will become bored and will not enjoy just reading text because the photos are of poor quality. So I will try and take more creative and clear photos so that it will link to the article more clearly and appeal to my audience more.
The final negative is that the "blackberry symbol", it is said to be "to big" and this is a issue for it does not appear professional from this, I am going have to reduce the size, or include a better photo to link to the article.

The positives of the paper, The two positives given to my paper were of two adverts I produced, one of the JJB advert, and one of the My-time pavilion, they are detailed and professional so this is why they were given positive comment, and they do not need any further changing unless I feel they require more changing to benefit the paper.

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  1. Currently sits at level 2 (max 11/20)

    You have quite a few posts but it still looks like there's been a lack of effort in documenting your progress.

    Ensure all posts are fully explained, with reflection on your progress, what's going well & what's not
    More print screens of work in progress
    Annotate photos with analysis of planning, framing and mise-en-scene
    Audience Profile is too short - looks like you haven't properly considered
    All by Friday 8th April - no later
    Need to see more detailed poster and radio advert research