Friday, 25 March 2011

Bromley Now Radio Advert

Bromley now advert by liamline

This was produced on garageband, the program was reasonably simple to use and allowed me to use a number of special effects in the sound to enhance it to a standard needed to attract my audience to the paper. This was scripted by myself and all editing was done by me also, so it gives the reader the chance to have a feeling of how I wish to represent my newspaper to them.

The advert which I have created will appeal to my target audience for it is clear and contains all relevant information which the paper needs to put across to them (contact information, name of paper, area it is based in), it contains a clear and mature voice this connates the type of audience I will be targeting, they may be young but they are young and mature. The advert also contains the slogan that was mentioned on the previous poster, this will link all 3 media products that have been already produced, and will intise the audience more to purchase the paper for it shows that all 3 are related clearly. Also has background sporting noises so that it gave the reader of a sporting paper and this may interest the reader that bit more, for they are relevant sounds to use.

The parts for improvement would be that I could of tried a number of different slogans to use just to have variation, I could of changed the voice to a more youthful and sporty voice type for the paper is more sport orientated and this may relate better to the audience. I also could of tried a number of different background noises instead of just 2 types, may come across as limited.

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  1. Need more on how you made it, how you hope it targets the audience and what could be improved (be specific)