Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Developing stages of poster

These stages shown provide the audience with how my advertising poster was initial designed, as shown I decided to follow the conventions of using the image of the paper itself this allowed the poster to stay relevant to the paper and make the audience know that it is in relation to the Bromley Now, also to follow current conventions I included contact information for the paper including where to get the paper (Stations, Gyms) this gives the audience more reason to trust the paper, and where to contact if they wish to subscribe to the paper, including this makes it more likely for your target audience to purchase the paper, for the relevant information has been included.
A slogan was produced for the paper, so that the audience could easily differentiate the paper to others, this is a big benefit for it will appear more unique to my target audience, also it is a very conventional feature to include and appeals to my traditional audience, with the NOW part made very eye catching so that it makes the audience aware that it is recent up to date news.
I chose to change the poster all together, for from feedback given I was told to make it more landscape so that it appeared larger and more eye catching, the color background varied I first thought to use a turquoise colour but then decided to choose a more sporty colour that resembles a athletics track, this will appear more familiar to the more sporty readers of the paper.

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