Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Developing stages of Pavilion Advert

This is the developing stages of my pavilion advert of the leisure centre located in Bromley, this makes it relevant to my audience because it is based in the area of Bromley, and it is primarily orientated around sport and this will more then likely attract my type of audience.
As you can see I based my advert on what the bromley pavilion was already offering, but I chose to develop on this and I developed my own background. I then placed my own font and wrote about the mytime and this is very relevant for most sportsmen in the area of Bromley are members of the the local pavilion. I then added a deal that will interest the readers of a free voucher being included in the paper, this will make the paper that bit more attractive to purchase and the likelyhood of them reading the paper is increased also.

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