Thursday, 3 February 2011

Story Selection

I have researched into 10 different potential stories that could be used in my newspaper, I have analysed the stories to see the suitability of them in the newspaper and how they would appeal to the intended audience I have chosen for the newspaper.

The "Softer article", I am going to write up and produce an article about my schools up and coming Rugby Vase Cup game, they have been recently very successful in the cup, and this will be easier to gain quotes and photos for.

The "Hard article" is "Goldberg walks over Bromley’s ‘ongoing conflict".
This is of the amid accusations of in-fighting within the club, this will appeal to the reader for it is sport orientated to begin with, but the story also offers that added spice as training ground and pre match fights have been said to of occured. This is going to appeal to the younger reader for it is about there local team but it indicates that their is more that meets the eye with this story and this will get the younger reader wanting to read the next article to have a update on the current team situation.
I will be able to also gain some photos aswell, for it is local and easy to access within the area, this will assist me in making the article look professional and detailed.

Another story I have chosen to be in my newspaper is "Lewisham texts local youths of stop and searches"
This is about the local youths of that area being notified via Blackberry that their will be routine stop and searches to avoid potential crimes within the area. This story will appeal to my audience for younger readers may well go through this area regarly and may want to know information on what this stop and search entails and if it effects them.
This may well also interest the younger readers to wanting to know why this is occuring?, and they may well feel in Favour for this article or Against it, for the younger readers are always interested in the way they are represented in the real world at present.

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