Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Measurements of newspapers

Newspaper Measurements

These measurements were taken from the "Metro newspaper", the reasons for using this paper is because we had already researched into other local newspaper such as "Bromley Times", and "Newshopper", so I felt it was good to look into another similar well known paper and take note of how they layout there items in term of measurements.
There was nothing I was truly surprize with in terms of measurements they all seemed very current and stuck to conventional measurements.
This gives me an idea of how big or small some sections of the paper have to be to be fit in, and how much room I may have to give between photos and text.

Front page
• Width of page – 29cm
• Left margin of page – 1cm
• Right margin of page – 1.3cm
• Top margin of page – 1.2cm
• Bottom margin of page – 0.9cm
• Gutter space between text – 0.5cm
• Main story picture – 16cm length by 15cm width
• Mast head – 18cm length by 5cm width
• Advert – 26.5cm length by 7cm width
• Plug for future articles – 5.5cm length by 5cm width
• Column of text – 10cm length by 5cm width

2nd page
• Whole page – 33.7cm length by 26.5cm width
• Gutter space between adverts – 0.5cm
• Weather – 20cm length by 11cm width
• Main advert – 23.8cm length by 14.7 width
• Contact us block – 8cm length by 15cm width
• Advert placed top right of page – 7.5cm by 10.6cm width
• Left margin of page – 1.3cm
• Bottom margin of page – 0.7cm
• Top margin of page – 1.7cm
• Right margin of page – 1.6cm

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  1. Explain what you were doing here - which paper? Why this paper? what was interesting about your findings? i.e. what did you realise that you didn't before? how will this influence your designs?