Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Developing Stages to Masthead

This is the developing stage to producing my newspaper masthead, I tried various different types of how the masthead would appear. I had to consider what my audience would think when looking at the masthead?, would it catch their eye?, would it appeal to them? etc.
I began to dabble with some fonts, sizes and colours, after getting feedback from my target audience I was told to use a better colour then black, and change the layout of it (with the Now part) facing side on, this appeared better and more unique then just a straight layout title. After careful thought of colours I chose to use Green for the Bromley, and Blue for the Now, this was a good mix and appeared to work well with each other.
I then seeked advice and feedback from my target audience and they agreed that the colours were a good choice and should stay the same.

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