Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bromley Times - Ideas for brief

This is the first task that has been put forward to us and it is to produce a 2 page newspaper, this includes front cover and second page inside. The newspaper that I produce will include my own photos and stories that I have taken or found. Yesterday I had a look at a local newspaper The Bromley Times, we looked at this newspaper for use of conventions used and layout.

The front page of this newspaper was a conventional layout with the logo and title placed top left of the page. It had a conventional 5 column structure which means that it follows trends. There was many advertising slots placed on the page to utilize no blank spaces and also for the newspaper to gain extra funds for allowing companies to place advertisements, there was a lead story placed in the center of the page with the title just above it, this would have been a real life story and is on the front page for it is seen to be the leading story.
As well from that main article their was a side story with a eye grabbing photo placed near the center with some text place on the side of it. The audience I believe this newspaper would want to target is the people living in the area of Bromley, for the stories related are about that area and the people who live in or close to it. From my research the second page had a continuation of the side story from the front page, a contact the newspaper column, it followed the convention of a 5 column structure, and contain half a page of advertisement.

Bromley Times Sketches
Below I have sketches of the Bromley times paper, we produced these sketches because it would give us an idea of how the paper is structured and what conventions are followed and challenged in the paper, and if we wished to follow these also or challenge the forms. From doing these sketches I learnt that the Bromley times follows most current conventions, because 5 column layout, masthead top left, plug top left, are all current conventions and I did not know this before today and this benefited me, for it gave me a better idea of how to structure my paper.

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  1. This post must explain that this was one of your first tasks and the purpose was to help you understand how the paper was structured. By having to physically recreate the spaces, you were taking more notice of the design. What did you learn this day that you didn't know before?