Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Demographic Profile for newspaper

The name of my newspaper is "Bromley Now", which I hope will communicate the idea that the paper is for a younger target audience then the traditional local paper would target. The actual age I am targeting is 18 - 34 years, it is targeting both genders so that the paper is shown not to be favoring a particular sex, so can gain readership from both genders. The social/economic background of my readers will be C1 - E and therefore their parents are likely to be educated to GCSE and A level, but they themselves are likely to be seeking university places or are starting out in their professional career. The educational background will be students and the working class, for the stories used in this will be sports such as football etc, these are traditional working class sports and will appeal to the audience mentioned.
The economic status of my readers will be C1 - E this is shown to be working class, and some professionals, this may indicate that the income of these readers will range from a high income to a low, the cost of the paper it will be a free paper, it will be funded by advertisers.

The target audience of newspaper is 18 - 34 this indicates a younger type of person is going to be targeted, I will categorize my readers into Psychographic categories. This is a way of looking at young peoples values, attitudes and lifestyle, (VALS). For young people there are a number of categories to choose from, the category I will list my newspaper readers under is Traditionalists, the paper will have major advertising in it with traditional stores such as JJB and urban outfitters being used within paper, the readers will be familiar with these brands and will be interested in the advertising used.
To compare this to other categories the younger audience can be linked with the categories such as Trendies, rebels, but my audience targeted do not want to make major change or stand out, they wish to remain the same and stay traditional.

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