Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Newspaper Brief

The newspaper I wish to produce will have a target audience of 18 -34 this shows that it is going to acknowledge the younger part of society with some youthful stories and lifestyle of the youth age today, but also having stories that will also affect them on a serious side such as health, schooling, sport, etc. The layout will be very conventional and will have a 5 column structure with the title and logo placed top left of the page, it will include advertising of companies in that local area which will appeal to my target audience. The photos used in the paper will be youthful and will be attractive to eye so that it attacts that youthful side of society and does not appear boring. The reasons for me choosing this type of layout is for it is easy to navigate and read through, and because my audience is of the younger range they will want it to be easier to read and not have to think too much about how to read it. This should benefit the paper for it will be seen as very resourceful for information and have little confusion in how to read it. The provisional name i wish to give my newspaper is the "Bromley news shopper".

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